Playapi lets you Easily create and deploy cross-platform applications and games by building on top of your existing audiences, brand assets, AND identity.

1. Define your data sources

2. Pick your game mechanics

3. Choose your platforms

Data Sources

Social Data

We work with all major social network data including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare to integrate content and relationships to drive engagements where fans and audiences already live.

Product Data

We integrate the rich and valuable assets of merchandise or individual product segments from entire catalogs to specific campaign categories.

Custom Feeds

We can integrate custom feeds including a variety of campaign asset categories as well as offline customer lifecycle data from preferred enterprise data management platforms to drive smart decisions across marketing channels and media buys through third-party demographic, contextual, and behavioral data.

Configurable Game Mechanics

A/B Voting

A simple “this” or “that” choice based mechanic that drives easy engagement by letting users choose amongst a limited set of two.


A voting mechanic, familiar in bracket systems, which allows the most selected content to advance to further rounds.


Select configurable and customizable rating systems to reflect brand or game priorities that can be either numerical or iconography based.


Assign badges or achievements for desired outcomes or activities. Tie them to virtual or real world goods or as status or reputation enhancer on leader boards.


User checkins via Foursquare or an app-specific location.


Codify and signal levels of engagement within your game through level configuration. With our single platform user model we easily tie these configurations to user’s profile and status with additional options for providing badging and achievements.


Assign points for specific behaviors and outcomes. With secondary units, create multiple point systems across your game that can be tied to badging, achievements or reputation on leader board systems.


Input brand assets and arrange for puzzle, memory, bingo or guessing games.


Configurable options for predetermined desired outcomes including across individuals, groups or relative to an entire player set.



Brand tab environments as either iFrame or Application.


Independent microsite or existing site integrations.

IAB Standardized Units

Inside IAB units or custom banner sizes.

HTML5 Mobile

Mobile endpoints.

iOS and Android

Native application deployments.

On-Site & Out of Home

Tablet or retail touchscreens.

Second-screen Optimized

Deploy games meant to be utilized at specific times such as during live events or television air times.

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