We are the brand marketer’s digital toolkit

PlayAPI lets marketers easily combine content with interactions to create social applications and games.


Pre-fab marketing solutions

You’ve earned your audience! Brand marketers have worked hard and invested a lot to acquire their fans, followers and subscribers. Your next challenge is to keep your audiences entertained. PlayAPI can help you keep create the engagements that keeps them coming for more.

Build the digital marketing & brand building campaigns that drive engagement with our suite of modular marketing tools:

  • Get the interactions you want from your audience with our library of engagement levers, game mechanics and and social actions
  • Easily integrate your content and preferred social feeds with our plug and play social data engine
  • Deploy your creations to the platforms where your audiences engage most including your website, Facebook, mobile, tablet and IAB standard media banners. 
  • Use our off-the-shelf templates designed with your most common marketing needs in mind
  • Enable in-house designers, agencies and development partners with our developer toolkits including REST API & Front-End SDKs
  • Keep costs in check with our affordable SaaS pricing model that scales to fit your needs


Expand your capabilities (and margins)

Your clients pay you to be creative - don’t let budget and time hamper your vision. Make most of your strategic and creative services team with our tools and build the digital campaigns that tell their stories. We have all the parts you need to build what you want. We just help you put it together!

 Build work that reflects your vision and strengthens your relationships with clients:

  • Confidently add digital, mobile, and social application production services for your clients
  • Stop remaking the digital production wheel by using our existing solutions
  • Make your account teams happy and protect your creative margins while still delivering best of breed campaigns
  • Plus up existing campaign creative with matching game & application executions
  • Solve your “end of the quarter” or “leftover” budget scrap blues with an easy to customize & affordable template
  • Create custom executions to fit client objectives including engagement, education and conversion
  • Easily package existing brand photo, video and written content to drive interaction with casual games, sweepstakes and, social applications


Immediately enhance your offering to advertisers

Tired of advertisers only buying pageviews? Escape the click commoditization trap and drive real value for your advertisers by unlocking the power of your audiences and their affinity for your content.

Make the most of audience engagement:

  • Improve the core metrics & KPIs of your existing banner inventory by embedding game & application templates in your media
  • Package your photo, video and written content to drive interaction with casual games, sweepstakes, and social actions
  • Activate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr audiences with native executions that delight advertisers
  • Create digital, mobile and social applications and games for advertisers to run on their channels as customized added value programs